Sunday, 24 March 2013

IDEA !! IDEA !! IDEA !! Lets Find one to get started ..

IDEA !! IDEA !! IDEA !! Lets Find one to get started .

Many of us have aspirations in life to become an entrepreneur and keep working to find an idea which is unique and profitable. We spend months/years just to keep looking for an idea. One of the biggest problems to start is that we are not confident if idea is a good one.
What we keep thinking: Will people find it useful enough to pay? What if we waste 2 years pursuing an idea that's doomed?

What MOST people do: Think of a random idea, start working on that (building a website, getting business cards printed, opening Twitter/FB accounts) and then slowly discover that it’s NOT a feasible one. After a few months, will shift to another idea...then another...always keep thinking that one day we will get the "right" idea.

The first important thing to consider isWho are you trying to market to?  Do not target everyone. If one product is fit for everyone will you buy it. No, you will buy which fulfills your need. So be specific when finding your customer. Divide the customer based on geography, Age, Price, Income – Middle income/ Lower income/ highly affluent. This will help you determine your niche market.

To find a profitable idea note down all your thoughts on paper. Whatever possible options you can think of note them down. Now do the analyses for each idea, whether it’s profitable or not. Nail down your idea list to 3 ideas. Systematically eliminate the bad ones and test the good ones.