Saturday, 20 October 2012

Our own Fear

Biggest hurdle to achieve anything in life is our own fear

“Whether you believe you can or believe you can't, you are right.” – Henry Ford

When we look to achieve our goals we see two main hurdles:
1.     Failure to define our goals.
2.     Our own fear which stop us to take action.

People have three primary fears:
    The fear of success...
                The fear of failure...
                And the fear of the future

Clarity of Vision:

Defining our goals is difficult because with each new day of our lives we change, grow, test things out, make mistakes, and learn something new. So it makes sense that our deepest desires seem unclear, or at least in a constant state of evolution. Having a clear vision is absolutely necessary -- but it typically stirs up a set of emotional roadblocks. These come at us in the form of fears both of failing and of succeeding, 
and in doubts about our own worthiness for success. The fears and doubts make their presence felt in “negative” emotions. We fear that we can't really get what we want, that we will fail because it has proved too difficult in the past, or that we'll never figure out how to get where we want to go.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Cycle Need a revisit

Cycle need a revisit

What about a non-polluted environment and good health. In our own ways, we keep looking for ways to healthy living. Here's a viable option that's also an enjoyable one!

Remember the old days where we could just ride away with a bicycle to almost any part of the town? It’s so much fun to remember those days. Recently I came to know about so many cyclists who pedal daily to keep them fit and for day to day activities. I got interested in cycling and started just one month back. So far I had 2 cycling trips and those were fantastic. Cycling seems so tough to me before I started and I never thought that I will be able to cover 30 Km through cycle. My first trip was 35 Km and 2nd trip was 25 Km. First trip went well but in second trip we got 7 punctures and realize a need to have a toolkit to fix flat tires. The overall experience of cycling was great and I truly enjoyed it.

Having said all this, a thought came in my mind is not cycling an option for our day to day transport. I started thinking more and more and felt that cycling is a very efficient and effective mode of transportation for short to moderate distances. We go to nearby market for vegetable, milk etc and we can easily go by cycle. We always keep talking and expressing our great concern about petrol prices and being fit. But do we really care how we can save on petrol expenditure. Cycle as a transport comes really handy. You can easily cover the small distance without any cost, also there is no hassle for parking. You are keeping yourself fit without realizing that you are doing exercise.

Cycle is a gr8 way to explore your own city. While travelling in motorized vehicles we leave so many places within city which has a great scene or monuments. It’s gr8 way to keep chatting and explore the city. If we look at developed countries they have defined cycle tracks and cycling in developed countries are quite popular to use as transport and as a sport. India is far behind in this area. There is no infrastructure for cyclist and no one really think to use cycle as transport. Although there are few initiatives by Delhi Metro where they have started providing cycle on few metro stations. Similarly there are companies who promote cycling as a sport and provide packages to explore the city or places on cycle. But India still need to go a long way to promote cycle. While infrastructure is a challenge to develop there are other big challenges to adopt cycle as a short distance transport. Biggest challenge is to change people mindset, which sees cycle as lower class transport. That’s true at large extent, as we see only lower class people using cycle for commute.

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Jobs are paycheck for our Lifestyle

Jobs are paycheck for our Lifestyle

Before we begin our journey towards finding Dream Job lets introspect our self. Have you given any real thought or definition to your dream job? Would you recognize it if you saw it? Would you be ready to pursue it if it appeared? If you struggle with any of the answers, perhaps it’s time to stop, sit down, and give the matter your full attention.

Paycheck for Lifestyle

When we start our career we think to work hard, earn good money and fulfill our Dreams. Most of the people will not like to agree on this but job has become a place to earn paycheck and pay our lifestyle bills.

Somehow we have come to learn that the more money means the best product and ultimately, quality of life and a feeling of fulfillment. This often transfers to how we understand our job. Because money provides so much more freedom, we become convinced that the more money we make, the happier we will be. Instead of seeing a job as a place to excel, follow your skills and passions, it is instead a place to earn a paycheck. You put in your time and in exchange, you can pay your bills and continue with your lifestyle.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Passion and Profession

Passion as # 1 Ingredient for organization success

We are moving from an age of mechanical to computerized world. Where we are trying to automate most of our work and want to focus on the things which customers value. With the computerization, individuals are becoming more and more important than any other time. Think in a medical field all the patients are monitored through CCTV camera by one person. Now if that one person is not passionate about work then what could be the consequences of that on patients?

Why we need Passion in our Profession

Passion is like a fuel that gets us out of bed in the morning, but it is also an essential differentiator in determining our probability to succeed in the long-run! Passion energizes us, makes us creative and keeps us motivated, even when things are tough. It sustains us on our journey towards our professional dreams and goals. It will keep you going when others are giving up.

We know we cannot always have everything in our professional lives, but if you are not pretty passionate about WHAT you are doing, WHEN, WHERE and HOW you are doing it, chances are that you will feel pretty exhausted soon.

It’s rightly said that either find 
your Passion 
or if NOT then be passionate about 
what you do.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Follow your Passion

Why it is important to follow our passion 

Recently during a discussion I was surprised to see when people were asked about the interest, they were thinking hard what interest they have. Are we so engrossed in our professional life that we can’t find time for ourselves and enjoy what we really love!!

Every Dream realized has sprouted from Passion.

We all know that if we follow our passion we will be able to find the true meaning of life and will enjoy our journey towards life. It’s pleasure to do the things if we are passionate about it. We will never feel it like a work rather we will enjoy it and have fun to do those tasks. If we at least try to do things related to our interest then it will reflect in our life as well.  We will be happy and do things with more interest and concentration.

As a kid we never know what we really want to do and we enter in a profession which can pay us more $ in our pocket. We always look how to have a decent income. Since childhood I want to be a Pilot but as I grew, I got busy in day to day life, earning more, more and more…. But even today when ever I sit alone and think thought keep crossing my mind what if I were a Pilot? That’s the hollow space I am going to carry throughout my life. Then I realized what it really means “Follow your Passion”.

Think about your school experience. We lose track of our passion as our system is like that. Like in a collage if we are good on some subject we will put less effort on that. We will be more focused on the subjects in whom we get fewer grades. Because we have to pass every subject. We loose track of what we really love.  If we follow our interest we will have a feeling of self achievement.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Homes are shrinking and so is nature. Let’s Go Green.

Homes are shrinking and so is nature. Let’s Go Green.

Go Green:

Green is the color of nature. Green symbolizes Life and provides calmness to our eyes. We always want to take a walk in nature and like greenery all around us. Let’s give something back to nature and try to grow some plants at home.

Roof Top Farming:

In metros home sizes are shrinking and it’s not possible to get a land for farming. So the concept of roof top farming came up. Roof farming provides food and temperature control. Planting in containers and boxes are used extensively in roof top gardens and known as container gardening.

How to get Started:

The first and foremost thing in roof top gardening is your interest. A few other things which are needed:

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

How many topics during a Presentation

How many topics during a Presentation

During any presentation we always go with an agenda. Do we ever think how many topics we should cover and how to structure them?

Presentation is a medium to convey our message to the audience.  Audience is always interested to know what they are going to learn out of it rather than knowing who you are. People are selfish and they are there for a reason ‘learning’. It is must to let your audience know what you are going to talk about so that people’s expectation is clear. They will not occupy there minds throughout the session in order to understand what you are going to talk about.

Now Lets jump into how many topics? I would like to start with one example. Sheena Iyengar writes about psychology of choices, she did a research about whether people should be given choices if yes then how many. She did an experiment in a retail store and on weekend she put 24 jams on display. There came a lot of people but only a few bought jams. Next weekend she put only 6 jams on display, then the traffic of people who stopped to look at jams was less but more people bought jams. After analyzing this it was found that when there were 24 Jams -- 60 % people stopped by but only 3 % Bought, where as when there was only 6 Jams on display -- 40% people stopped by and 30% bought. 

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Tips to get started with Sports !!

SPORTS !! every one has a deep hearted interest for sports. One or other day thoughts keep crossing our minds that we should try some sports may be just for fun. So lets give it a thought…

Sport is for fun and at the same time it’s great workout. We without realizing are exercising our body, enjoying game and coming together as team and friends. There are lot of sports lover but often we hear that it’s difficult to get some time for ourself due to personal / professional commitments. Other important aspect is that most of the time people look for company when they want to go to play and that’s what they do’t get. There is really a need to have platform where sports enthusiast can come together and pursue there passion / interest.