Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Jobs are paycheck for our Lifestyle

Jobs are paycheck for our Lifestyle

Before we begin our journey towards finding Dream Job lets introspect our self. Have you given any real thought or definition to your dream job? Would you recognize it if you saw it? Would you be ready to pursue it if it appeared? If you struggle with any of the answers, perhaps it’s time to stop, sit down, and give the matter your full attention.

Paycheck for Lifestyle

When we start our career we think to work hard, earn good money and fulfill our Dreams. Most of the people will not like to agree on this but job has become a place to earn paycheck and pay our lifestyle bills.

Somehow we have come to learn that the more money means the best product and ultimately, quality of life and a feeling of fulfillment. This often transfers to how we understand our job. Because money provides so much more freedom, we become convinced that the more money we make, the happier we will be. Instead of seeing a job as a place to excel, follow your skills and passions, it is instead a place to earn a paycheck. You put in your time and in exchange, you can pay your bills and continue with your lifestyle.

The ultimate moto :: Higher Salary

When we pass out from collage we think about to work in best company, work hard and be the best whatever we do. As time passes by in the professional field we are more inclined to monetary benefit rather than looking what we really love to do in our job. Often we look the best job in terms of money, we work in an organization and want to be CEO, NOT because we want to add the value of a CEO for the company but because we want the salary of a CEO.

During performance review company measured us on a scale of 1-5. We without realizing that 5 is just a number and we never think why we want 5 but we get determined that we will achieve 5. Because we know if we get 5 our salary increment will be HIGH.

Search for the Dream Job:

"Find a job you enjoy, and you'll never work a day in your life." I'm not sure if that's entirely accurate - dream jobs can be hard work, but, it does make life much easier when you are doing something you love.

Finding Dream job is like finding yourself. You need to be clear what you want to do and for that you need to know yourself better. Dream job is not which can pay you best compensation, Dream job is where you can get the kind of work which makes you happy. The work for which you are passionate about and enjoy. If you enjoy your work, you will be ready to take any challenge and enjoy in completing them.

Money and happiness are good, but some times we can’t get both together. Most people try to get it, but the percentage of people that achieve there goal is very low. I really hope we’ll all get it one day!

What’s Next:

Now I would like to know your thoughts that how we can be in a job which we love while being paid well. 


  1. I agree..I think for that we should know what interests us which itself is a very challenging task. If that field has good career options then we can pursue it as a career and if not then we can pursue it as a hobby and should regularly take out time to improve our skills. I think following your hobby gives you some kind of satisfaction towards life that yes i not wasting my talent and doing something good with my life, something different. If later conditions permit then we can always try finding a job in that career.

  2. Thanks Richa. A very practicle approach and i totally agree that finding out what interest us is very challenging. For that we need to try out different things related to our interest and create new kind of experiences.