Wednesday, 18 April 2012

How many topics during a Presentation

How many topics during a Presentation

During any presentation we always go with an agenda. Do we ever think how many topics we should cover and how to structure them?

Presentation is a medium to convey our message to the audience.  Audience is always interested to know what they are going to learn out of it rather than knowing who you are. People are selfish and they are there for a reason ‘learning’. It is must to let your audience know what you are going to talk about so that people’s expectation is clear. They will not occupy there minds throughout the session in order to understand what you are going to talk about.

Now Lets jump into how many topics? I would like to start with one example. Sheena Iyengar writes about psychology of choices, she did a research about whether people should be given choices if yes then how many. She did an experiment in a retail store and on weekend she put 24 jams on display. There came a lot of people but only a few bought jams. Next weekend she put only 6 jams on display, then the traffic of people who stopped to look at jams was less but more people bought jams. After analyzing this it was found that when there were 24 Jams -- 60 % people stopped by but only 3 % Bought, where as when there was only 6 Jams on display -- 40% people stopped by and 30% bought. 

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Tips to get started with Sports !!

SPORTS !! every one has a deep hearted interest for sports. One or other day thoughts keep crossing our minds that we should try some sports may be just for fun. So lets give it a thought…

Sport is for fun and at the same time it’s great workout. We without realizing are exercising our body, enjoying game and coming together as team and friends. There are lot of sports lover but often we hear that it’s difficult to get some time for ourself due to personal / professional commitments. Other important aspect is that most of the time people look for company when they want to go to play and that’s what they do’t get. There is really a need to have platform where sports enthusiast can come together and pursue there passion / interest.