Saturday, 7 April 2012

Tips to get started with Sports !!

SPORTS !! every one has a deep hearted interest for sports. One or other day thoughts keep crossing our minds that we should try some sports may be just for fun. So lets give it a thought…

Sport is for fun and at the same time it’s great workout. We without realizing are exercising our body, enjoying game and coming together as team and friends. There are lot of sports lover but often we hear that it’s difficult to get some time for ourself due to personal / professional commitments. Other important aspect is that most of the time people look for company when they want to go to play and that’s what they do’t get. There is really a need to have platform where sports enthusiast can come together and pursue there passion / interest.  



Any form of sport is a team activity and no one can play alone. So building a group is always an important aspect of that. The best way to get started is getting together with friends and making a group. It’s always good to have a bigger group than what is required as in a long run not all people will come on a regular basis. People will not always be available due to personal or professional commitment. So group must be a large one to keep going. Now it should not be too big otherwise you will never get a chance to play. Example :: For a Lawn Tennis a group of 6-7 people is sufficient. For cricket you need 15 people as a group.



Sports is also a medium to get together on a regular basis which again increase your social circle. You will come to know a lot of people and will be able to build a relationship with them. Second important thing is to get the equipments for starting the game. Sometimes people are not ready to spend money on sports equipment as they are coastly at times. For that you can always look for second hand items. You can find them online and get a really good deal for start up.



What’s Next ::

Now put on your shoes and have some fun !!

Let’s share your experience and what is the biggest challenge you face to start the game.


  1. Hunnnn !! Good One.

    Quite inspiring, now lets see.

    My biggest challenge is to come out from my laziness after busy day at work and Home.

  2. Good one.. but i need some more article to crack my laziness