Thursday, 5 July 2012

Passion and Profession

Passion as # 1 Ingredient for organization success

We are moving from an age of mechanical to computerized world. Where we are trying to automate most of our work and want to focus on the things which customers value. With the computerization, individuals are becoming more and more important than any other time. Think in a medical field all the patients are monitored through CCTV camera by one person. Now if that one person is not passionate about work then what could be the consequences of that on patients?

Why we need Passion in our Profession

Passion is like a fuel that gets us out of bed in the morning, but it is also an essential differentiator in determining our probability to succeed in the long-run! Passion energizes us, makes us creative and keeps us motivated, even when things are tough. It sustains us on our journey towards our professional dreams and goals. It will keep you going when others are giving up.

We know we cannot always have everything in our professional lives, but if you are not pretty passionate about WHAT you are doing, WHEN, WHERE and HOW you are doing it, chances are that you will feel pretty exhausted soon.

It’s rightly said that either find 
your Passion 
or if NOT then be passionate about 
what you do.

Passion as a differentiator

Think two fast food restaurants on opposite corners. Their products are virtually identical. Their prices are the same. They’re both fast–you’ll get your food in the same amount of time. The service is courteous in each. Yet, there is a difference. In one restaurant, employees, though courteous, are not smiling. They ask for orders and deliver their food with rote actions, moving from one to the next, almost as if they are not “there”. Their bodies and voices are responding, but their eyes are empty.

In the other restaurant, as employees take and deliver your orders, they are smiling. They engage with you with their eyes and perhaps adding more to their conversation than the requisite order questions. They look at you with caring when they say “Enjoy your meal.” They don’t say it, but you get a feeling they actually have pride in the food they’re serving and in their restaurant.
Which restaurant would you choose for lunch?

In today’s business scenario there is a lot of competition, offering of the companies more or less the same. Passion becomes very important factor. Through Passion you can differentiate yourself from competitors. Passionate people have a tendency to make it happen. When some one is passionate then he will not leave any stone unturned to make the things happen. If people are not passionate then it will be difficult to take the organization at next level.

Set of Challenges organization facing to introduce passion

In the Research it was found that only 20% people are passionate about there work. Passion is inversely proportionate to the size of the organization. The bigger the organization lesser are the passionate people in workforce.

The problem is passion is all too rare in the workplace because organizations don't know how to cultivate it. Can you inject passion? Manufacture or clone it? No, no, and no, on all counts. Passion is innate. So how can managers foster passion in the workplace? These are the questions for which Organizations ought to make passion and strengths-based management a requirement.

Let me know what you think how passion can be introduced in the organization ?

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