Thursday, 7 June 2012

Follow your Passion

Why it is important to follow our passion 

Recently during a discussion I was surprised to see when people were asked about the interest, they were thinking hard what interest they have. Are we so engrossed in our professional life that we can’t find time for ourselves and enjoy what we really love!!

Every Dream realized has sprouted from Passion.

We all know that if we follow our passion we will be able to find the true meaning of life and will enjoy our journey towards life. It’s pleasure to do the things if we are passionate about it. We will never feel it like a work rather we will enjoy it and have fun to do those tasks. If we at least try to do things related to our interest then it will reflect in our life as well.  We will be happy and do things with more interest and concentration.

As a kid we never know what we really want to do and we enter in a profession which can pay us more $ in our pocket. We always look how to have a decent income. Since childhood I want to be a Pilot but as I grew, I got busy in day to day life, earning more, more and more…. But even today when ever I sit alone and think thought keep crossing my mind what if I were a Pilot? That’s the hollow space I am going to carry throughout my life. Then I realized what it really means “Follow your Passion”.

Think about your school experience. We lose track of our passion as our system is like that. Like in a collage if we are good on some subject we will put less effort on that. We will be more focused on the subjects in whom we get fewer grades. Because we have to pass every subject. We loose track of what we really love.  If we follow our interest we will have a feeling of self achievement.

How to find your passion:

Following passion can be a tough thing. But figuring out what that passion is can be even more elusive.

Think about what you do when ever free do you like to read a fashion magazine or do you like to sing or play some instrument. That will help you to find out what your interest is. Dig into how you spend your time. Think about what excites you. When it comes to spend time what comes in our mind. Passion is something which comes naturally to you. You do not need to put any effort in doing that, you are naturally good at that. Passion is something for which you can wake up early in the morning.

Your choices of interest must be based on what you like and not what you know. To understand what you really interested in you need to create new experiences. You will never be able to find your interest just by sitting on a couch. If you are passionate about sport then try to play new sports go for matches or try different type of games. Visit stadiums to have new experience.

List down all your interest and brainstorm to find out what you really love to do out of them. Ask your friends what you are good at.

Give it a try first    : You may be passionate about a interest for a few days, but where rubber meets the road, real test is at that point. See if you’re passionate about it for few months. If you pass this test, you have probably found it.

Time to act and NOT think:

We know what we like and we keep pushing that backward by giving argument to our inner self that when I have time I will pursue my interest or when I have money then I will fulfill my passion / Dream. We go for movie, we sleep extra hours but we don’t have time for our interest. People always think that interest is not there primary goal. But that’s what makes you happy so how come that’s not your primary goal. Primary goal of life is to be happy and we can’t spend few hours for that. Just think about it!! ..
What should you do now?

If you could do one thing to transform your life, find your Passion.  Leave below in the comment what interest you have and what you going to try to figure out your passion.  


  1. Good Post Nitin,
    I started writing down, for a limited time, everyday and it helped me to know myself better.

    1. Thanks a lot Prateek. I am new to writing so any comment is a big encouragement :-)

  2. I liked the statement "...if we are good on some subject we will put less effort on that. We will be more focused on the subjects in whom we get fewer grades..."
    Very true!!

  3. It's really a good post...liked it and so read it twice..helped a lot 2 analyse sum of my forgotten interests and passion....

  4. superb post feeling nostalgic..:)