Saturday, 5 January 2013

Perfection or Direction !!!!!!!

It’s Not Perfection its Direction we need to achieve our goals

Life is a journey and in the journey there could be multiple path to reach that destination. There are so many roads which go to Rome but it’s up to us which road we take and reach the destination. So when we want to achieve something in life we are not looking for perfect road what we look for is direction which road to take.

There are two kind of people in the world, one who believe perfection exist and one who believe Perfection does not exist. I am on the later side.The reason being, the definition of perfection keep changing with time. As our life changes, our desire, perception and thought process also changes and so changes the definition of perfection. So for me perfection is an illusion. I believe in getting the things started and fine tune them. This can be done by taking directions from people who are already into that field.

As human beings we always want to take minimal risk in doing the things. That’s why we always try to achieve perfection so that when we start there is no chance of failure. But if we keep thinking to achieve perfection before starting then there are chances that you will never start. Rather than perfection if we look for directions then we can get started and on our journey, we can be efficient and excellent what so ever we plan to do.

“I am careful not to confuse excellence with perfection. Excellence, I can reach for; perfection is God's business.” 

We look for perfection as we are afraid of making the mistakes. Remember, things which you see perfect today are started with imperfection. In the path people made mistakes corrected them and went there way for perfection. So it’s important to get started and to get started we need direction where to go and how to go. But just direction is not enough, the most important factor is to believe in yourself. If you are confident and have courage to do what you want to do then success is not far away from you.

Once you have direction then comes trial. You have the idea what path you have to take, now it’s your turn to try out things. There may be some failures, something might work and something might not work. So you have to keep trying and on your way of trying things out you will understand the dynamics how to make things work out. Always start with small and if things work out you can fine tune them.

“There are two things we should always be 1. raw and 2. ready. When you are raw, you are always ready. Waiting for perfection is not an answer, one cannot say "I will be ready when I am perfect" because then you will never be ready, rather one must say "I am raw and I am ready just like this right now.” 

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Do you think direction is more important than perfection?
What kind of direction helped you to achieve your goals? 

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