Friday, 18 July 2014

Best way of Learning: Experience vs Education

Best way of Learning: Experience vs Education 
I always keep arguing with myself, the schooling which I have done is that worth of spending time rather than learning from experience? We all have done school education and we all know how much we use that education in our day to day life. I was reading an article and it best describe that, If you want your child to know that he/she must avoid fire or must keep himself/herself away from fire then best way is let him/her experience once how it feels if it get burn. Next time I am more than 100% sure you don’t need to tell them anything.
We all understand that more experience we have better off we will be. With experience we learn with our whole person. Book learning is mainly head-learning, Experimental learning is intellectual.

How it helps against education
Experience is the best and only real way to gain self-confidence and self-esteem which are essential in life and relationships. Example, I can read a book on bicycle repairing, but until I actually repair one, do I know how? Best way is to get in and experience the things for yourself. My lessons may not be any different than what I would have gotten in school... but they are certainly more personal and meaningful, because I've had to work them out on my own.  I will certainly follow these lessons much more seriously because I've been through them personally.  That's a lot more powerful than reading about someone else's experiences.

Lesson is that you can't know what will happen if you did not experience it, and it can help you learn your lesson.

“Experience is the best teacher” means that people learn most effectively by doing things, rather than reading about something or hearing a teacher lecture.

Examples:  ”A medical student can read many books, but to be a good doctor, experience is the best teacher.”

“People like Steve Jobs and Michael Dell never finished college, but they are proof that experience is the best teacher when it comes to running a company.” Education is also important but education is only important when it is given in right context. Like if we need to know how to prepare food and then we read and apply that knowledge it will be most learning experience. Learning from reading and schooling are indeed ways to learn, but doing what you learned is the key to success.

Why it’s so difficult to adopt the strategy to try more experience:
I think what holds a lot of people back to gain new experiences is the fear of change. The smallest changes can make a difference. For example, try taking a different route home today. You never know what you may find and learn along the way. Besides, I'm afraid that it might be interesting and funny when we're attempting to do things that may have nothing to do with our core "interests". Later when we relive those newly gained experiences, it's quite possible that they shed interesting light on our core "interests" and career. Inspiration might then just come to our mind.
Experience is always not positive:
Experience can be both good and bad.  Don't think it's the best teacher, but a good teacher yes. Due to the number of health problems caused by alcoholism and cigarettes and proven as such in many (or all) of the cases, younger people still take them.  So, experience tells us to avoid such things, but the young still take them, as an experience? In such a case, can experience be the best teacher?  Leave it to your imagination. 

Experience is the Best way to remember a mistake. You remember your losses, not your wins. But....a loss can also be to devastating to overcome, and sometimes not an experience that you need in your life. Life is a mix, the Idea is to be smarter, not go from mistake to mistake, and claim well I am learning. Sometimes you need to ask and hold with caution also.


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